European Explorers Review

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European Explorers

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He was the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean. He showed that there was
an unknown ocean to the west of the Americas.

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He explored the southeastern United States from Tampa Bay to South Carolina and
was the first European to cross the Mississippi River.

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He discovered the Hudson River.

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He explored the waters off of Canada and found the Great Banks, a rich fishing area.
Instead of silk and spices, also found an area that was very good for fishing.

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He discovered the Gulf of St. Lawrence and St. Lawrence River and claimed the area
for France.

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He opened up the Western Hemisphere to Europe.

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How did the European and Native Americans ideas differ over land ownership?

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Which group of Europeans reached North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus?

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How did European explorers hope to get rich in North America?

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What was the main goal of Jacques Cartier’s first voyage to North America?

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Were Henry Hudson’s voyages successful? Why or why not?

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What was the main goal of Christopher Columbus’s expeditions?

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What did the explorers unknowingly bring with them that killed many Native Americans?

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Why did many explorers look for the Northwest Passage?

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What was the main reason Christopher Columbus sailed west from Europe?

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What is a Conquistador?

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What did the Native Americans teach the explorers to do?

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List the reasons for exploration.

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List some obstacles that explorers encountered when setting out on expeditions.

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Describe what the interactions between the Native Americans and explorers were like.

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